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An Illustrated collection of poetry and short stories



  When I was nine I saw a man and boy standing arm in arm, rock firm still in storm fury, human rock on jetty rock, sanctity found in church song rock, rock and faith and rock-a-bye babes against the storm.

  They disappeared. Oceans take their pleasures.

Small dinghy from Gokstadt ship

Who I am

An artist, draftsman and writer who does amateur archaeology; a weldor, field tech for engineering and survey companies; part time musician, caretaker, adventurer and free thinker ... boats coming soon.

I currently live in my 46 chevy bus and am longing to clear the carbs on my 73 R75/5.


Amateur / Avocational Archaeology

My DVD, Celtic Equinox Event Sites, is now available.

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Shelter, Homes, Alternative Habitation

 I was included in one of  their publcations ... Tiny Homes on the Move ... page 60

Love their books and blog.

Doug Hodges, friend, author

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