A link to my Stained Glass work with Vince O'brian

A link to some of my Metal work and Carvings

Please contact me for graphics, audio and video work, guided expeditions, etc. I'm always available.

Contact me at:  portflo3@aol.com

What was our video production company 

All photographs, text, audio and video Copyright Douglas A Young 2010

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One of my business cards ... Crack Cave from my archaeological expeditions
in southeastern Colorado, approx 50 BCE ...
The shadow play that takes place on both the Vernal and Autumnal Equinox
overlaying Celtic Ogam script saying "Sun Strikes Baal"

Here is one of my field based short stories called Old Songs


This is my Blogspot BLOG

Local Colorado Springs businesses
who support the arts. Please support them:

Hopper and me in my bus.

A link to my 1946 Cheverolet bus pics ...

A link to Doug Hodges, an author friend from Highschool, Colorado Springs, 1967

Email: portflo3@aol.com

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